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Perfect Fencing Electric Fence Company, supplies all types of in line strainers, gate handles, insulators wire and polytape to build and maintain all electric fences for livestock control. Perfect Fencing has produced products for over 17 years and provided private lableing for several well known brands.We now offer these same high quality products direct to the ranch, horse farming and cattle community.

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Model Category Description Click for Detail Page Price Each
PF-20400 High-Tensile Wire In-Line Strainer with Compress Clip $1.85
PF-20399 High-Tensile Wire Heavy Duty In-Line Strainer $3.29
PF-20005 Gates Plastic Gate Handle Master Pak Available $1.38
PF-20009 Gates Heavy Duty Rubber Gate Handle $1.85
PF-21933 Insulators Porcelain Insulators $1.10
PF-21929 Insulators Larger Porcelain Insulators
3" with 2" screw
PF-21904 Insulators U- Shaped corner end post $6.24 PK of 10
PF-21936 Insulators Large Corner end post $4.73 PK of 10
PF-20275 Insulators Ring Insulator for Wood Post Pkg 25 $9.25 PK of 25
PF-20002 Insulators Gate Handel Gate Handle Anchor
Pkg 2 ea.
$2.21 PK of 2ea.
PF-20401 Tension Spring Tension Spring $5.52ea.
PF-20180 Insulator Chain Link Fence Insulator $6.21
PF-20541 Insulators 12" Wrap Around Insulator
Pkg 10 ea.
$10.46 PK of 10ea.
PF-20425A Crimp 2-3 Crimping Sleeves
Pkg 25 per bag
$4.80 Pkg. of 25
PF-20020 Gate Anchor T -Post Gate Anchor
Pkg 2 ea
$2.88 Pkg of 2ea.
PF-20002 Insulators Gate Handel Gate Handle Anchor
Pkg 2 ea.
$2.21 PK of 2ea.
PF-20025 Connector Poly Rope Connector $2.46
PF-20250 Poly Tape Insulator Wood Post Poly Tape Corner Insulator $4.42
PF-20860 Insulator High Strain Corner Insulator $3.89
PF-20305 Handle In Line Strainer Handle $5.38
PF-20425 Poly Tape Insulator 2 -3 Crimping Sleeves
Pkg 25
PF-20200 Poly Tape Polytape to Polytape
Jumper Connector
PF-20415A Crimping Sleeves 2-3 Crimping Sleeves
Pkg 100
PF-20071 Tightener

Line Tightner 5/Clamshell

PF-20003 Fence Gate Expandle Electric Fence Gate
Spring Expands to 20 Feet
PF-20540 Tube Insulator 4 Inch Ribbed Tube Insulator
Pkg 25
PF-20546 Insulatube 50 Feet Insultube $9.47
PF-20560 TAP FWT 3-4 Electric Tap
10 to a bag
PF-20430 Spacer MG Spacer Clip
Pkg 25


PF-20424 Crimping Sleeves 1-2 Crimping Sleeves
Pkg 25
PF-20403 Brace Pins 10 inch Galvanized
Brace Pins Pkg 5
PF-20300 Poly Tape Insulator Poly Tape T-Post
Corner Insulator
PF-20012 SIGN Electric Fence
Warning Sign
PF-20350 Poly Tape Poly Tape Energiser Connector $2.89
PF-20424A Crimping Sleeves 1-2 Crimping Sleeves
Pkg 25
PF-20100 Splicer 2 inch tape Splicer $3.70
PF-20562 Switch Cutout Switch $6.12
PF-21905 Insulator Porcelain Insulator $5.19
PF-20309 Twisting Tool 3 Hole Twisting Tool $3.12
PF-20426A Sleeves 3-4 Crimping Sleeves Aluminum with Grit Inside
Pkg 10