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Perfect Fencing® , supplies taggers and verious types of tamper proof cattle and dairy ear tags and also elctric fence supplies such as, in line strainers, gate handles, insulators wire and polytape to build and maintain all electric fences for livestock control. Perfect Fencing has produced products for over 15 years and provided private lableing for several well known brands.We now offer these same high quality products direct to the ranch, horse farming and cattle community.

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Applicator Ear Tag Ear Tag Applicator
Rust Proof
High Impact Composite Fibre
To Be Announced
Small Ear Tag Heavy Duty In-Line Strainer To Be Announced
Small White Ear Tag Small White Ear Tag To Be Announced
Larger Ear Tag Larger Ear Tag To Be Announced
PF-20009 Ear Tag Green Ear Tag To Be Announced