Perfect Fencing Electric Fence Supplies
High Tensile Electric Fence Parts

Perfect Fencing®, supplies retail packaging for all our products such as; in line strainers, gate handles, insulators wire and polytape to build and maintain all electric fences for livestock control. Perfect Fencing has produced products for over 15 years and provided private lableing for several well known brands. For large container shipments and pricing please call the number below.

CALL NOW FOR Availability 727-686-3092

Call for Distributor Orders and Large Quantity Discounts - 1-727-686-3092!
PF-20075 PF-20150 PF-20300 PF-20025

PF-20426A PF-20100 PF-20130 PF-20140
PF-20150 PF-20250 PF-20350 PF-20430

PF-20309 PF-20426 PF-20560 PF-20415A

PF-20200 PF-20002 PF-20426A PF-20071