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Perfect Fencing Electric Fence Company, supplies all types of in line strainers, gate handles, insulators wire and polytape to build and maintain all electric fences for livestock control. Perfect Fencing has produced products for over 15 years and provided private lableing for several well known brands.We now offer these same high quality products direct to the ranch, horse farming and cattle community.

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Stable Wash Dual Pump Sprayer

Sanitizing Additives


SanDes Surf-Conc is a true formulation of stablized chlorine dioxide (ClO2 ) in an aqueous solution. San Des products work at equivalent doses for all liquid water temperatures, at all altitudes with reliable indications and dependable post oxidant dose levels. San Des is suitable for use in animal stables, greenhouses, hatching houses, veterinary hospitals, potato stockrooms, transport vehicles etc. It is also effective for sanitation of for instance protective clothing of plastic or rubber, boots and tools. Delivered in two different packages, SanDesSurf-Conc 2/06 and SanDesSurf-Konc 20. SanDesSurf-Conc is premixed. SanDesSurf-Conc diluted in water according to the instruction and is distributed with a sprayer carried on the back, used for washing at low pressure or spread with other suitable equipment. If high pressure washer with injector is used this must allow adjustment to 20 - 25%. Mixing to be made in 10 liter plastic vessel. Consumption for disinfection of stable is 0.8 - 1.2 liters/10m2 treated area, depending on material. Surfaces must after treatment be completely wet. Good results after spraying under and on hoof and up over the vertebra to the knee joint. First clean the hoof and then spray abundantly under the foof and up to the vertebra. Diluted solution should not be in permanent contact with soft metals such as aluminum, copper or brass because of the risk for corrosion. Sensitive surfaces and equipment used for spraying are rinsed after use. SanDesSurf-Conc undiluted may irritate skin, respiratory organs and eyes. Use protective gloves when preparing (dilution) the solution to use. After dilution the use of gloves and protective clothing is recommended as one should for all detergents and/ or chemicals. After sanitation is completed let the area dry, no rinsing is required.